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    Modified Rosin Series

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    Hydrogenated Rosin

    Mainly used as raw material for the manufacture of adhesives, coatings, inks, solder flux for electronic industries, food grade ester gum, etctc

    Water-white Hydrogenated Rosin

    This series of products are refined from hydrogenated rosin or high-hydrogenated rosin that are eliminated impurities and the coloring radicals;

    Disproportionated Rosin

    Disproportionated rosin is made from gum rosin through catalyzing by the Pd-C catalysts, mainly used in synthetic rubber, adhesives, pigments, dyestuff surfact treatment, coatings, inks, etc.

    Polymerized Rosin

    The specification will be available soon.

    Acrylic modified Rosin

    Acrylic Acid Modified Rosin is a derivative from additive reaction of gum rosin with acrylic acid. It can be used in adhesives industry and electronic solder flux etc.

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